Centre for Culture and Development (CKU)

CKU manages culture and development programmes in Asia, Africa and the Middle East and supports a culturally diverse Danish arts scene.

CKU is a self-governing institution under the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
In close cooperation with Danish embassies and representations, CKU manages culture and development programmes in The Middle East, Asia, West Africa, and East Africa.

CKU implements the Danish strategy for culture and development, ‘The Right to Art and Culture’, approved by the Danish Parliament in May 2013.

CKU’s priorities
We support art and culture following five strategic priorities:

  1. Empowering people through active participation in art and cultural activities
  2. Ensuring freedom of expression for artists and cultural actors
  3. Enhancing economic growth through creative industries
  4. Strengthening peace and reconciliation in post-conflict areas through art and cultural activities
  5. Promoting intercultural dialogue and intercultural collaboration.

CKU works to strengthen cooperation within the field of art, culture and development between Denmark and countries in Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

We believe that art, culture and creativity are central parameters for sustainable human and social development. And we believe that art, culture and creativity are determining factors for democratization, respect for human rights and enhancement of economic growth.

CKU works with development based on human rights that helps strengthening a vibrant, free and inclusive cultural life.

Globalizing the Danish arts scene
In Denmark, CKU promotes art from Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Middle East in three different ways:

  1. By promoting art in education by bringing artists from all over the world to facilitate workshops about art, culture and creativity for Danish students.
  2. By facilitating Images – a biennial for contemporary art from Africa, Asia and the Middle East.
  3. By supporting artists from low income countries who wish to perform or show their art to a Danish public in cooperation with Danish artists or cultural institutions.